Big Brother 2018 housemates left paranoid after nomination results

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Paranoia is running rife in the Big Brother 2018 house tonight.

It follows the results of this week’s nominations being revealed to the house – with a secret twist.

Lewis Flanagan, Hussain Ahmed, Isabella Farnese and Tomasz Wania have all been left up for eviction, as things stand.

Housemates nominated as usual on Sunday other than Hussain Ahmed, who secretly won the power of a killer nomination in Sunday’s Big Brother auction. Hussain nominated Lewis, who is guaranteed to face the vote.

In the rest of the nominations, Hussain received 5 votes and Tomasz received three votes. They both joined killer nominated Lewis in facing eviction. Isabella was nominated by the viewers to join them.

With housemates unaware of either Hussain’s secret nomination or the viewer vote, the speculation went into overdrive.

Trying to work out who was behind the decisions, Cameron Cole wondered out loud: “Who on earth is this f**king… it’s doing my f**king head in.

“Is it Sian? Cos Sian surely didn’t just lie to our face like that. Cian said it isn’t him. Akeem said it wasn’t him.”

Lewis Flanagan helped out: “Zoe said it wasn’t her.

“Hussain said it wasn’t him,” continued Cameron.

Lewis suggested: “Maybe it’s all secret and Tomasz actually did get to – keep some money or someone got some coins from Tomasz.”

But Cameron dismissed him: “Nah, no way. He wouldn’t have put you up. He’d have put Cian up.”

He concluded: “Clearly people want us broken up in some way, shape or form. When we were arguing the hot tub the other day. I looked at the smoking area and people were smiling, rubbing their hands together. It was pathetic. ”

Lewis agreed: “It’s a sign. It’s almost like they can’t bear the fact that all their connections in here are fake and forced and cos we have a real one, they f**king hate it.”

Big Brother 2018 airs nightly Sunday-Fridays at 10PM. The next eviction airs this Friday evening.

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