Big Brother 2018: Lewis Flanagan plots against Tomasz Wania

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Lewis Flanagan plots against Tomasz Wania in tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2018.

In the aftermath of Kenaley Amos-Sissons’ eviction against Akeem Griffiths on Friday, Lewis thinks he’s seen a change in Tomasz.


“His reaction to Akeem staying last night was sly,” Lewis tells Zoe Jones.

“He’s going to turn his attention to get someone else out of the house and I think that’s going to be me,” Lewis predicts. “I’m going to have to start playing a game here to survive.”

Zoe encourages: “It is a game. Someone wins at the end of it. £100,000, it’s a lot of money”

Lewis continues: “If I had the chance to bankrupt Tomasz I would. I don’t trust him with all that money.”

Meanwhile, all the gameplay leaves Cameron Cole a little fed up.

“In my head I reckon people sit in bed at night and think ‘Right tomorrow I’ll do this, I’ll do that and I think that’s going to be put on air’,” he complains.


Cameron goes on: “In my opinion that’s fake. I don’t plan stuff. I don’t plan a rant. I didn’t plan the whole coming out thing. I didn’t plan the apple meltdown.

“But I guarantee there are people thinking about stuff like that.”

Tonight’s Big Brother also sees two new twists surprise the group, including a mystery box up for grabs in the weekend Big Coin auction.

“This lot is very valuable and is guaranteed to put the winner in a powerful position within the house,” Big Brother explains.


Housemates are unaware the mystery box contains the power to make a killer nomination, putting one housemate immediately up for eviction.

Big Brother 2018 airs Sunday-Friday nights at 10PM on Channel 5.

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