Big Brother 2018: Hussain Ahmed wins killer nomination power after Big Coin shake up

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Hussain Ahmed has won the power to make a killer nomination on Big Brother 2018 this weekend.

In this evening’s episode, it was time once more for Big Brother’s weekend auction where housemates could spend their Big Coins.

The lot up for grabs this week was a “mystery box”.

“This lot is very valuable and is guaranteed to put the winner in a powerful position within the house,” Big Brother explained.

Housemates were not told the contents of the box, which is the power to make a killer nomination. The winner of the auction will be able to pick a housemate to be guaranteed to face the next eviction on Friday night.

Each housemate was called to the Diary Room to make a secret bid which they could not discuss with the housemates.

Hussain Ahmed won the auction with a bid of 596 Big Coins – his entire balance.

Before the auction, the housemates’ Big Coin totals were given a big shake up.

Big Brother had gathered the group and announced: “Housemates, as you know Big Coins give you privileges in the House and the power in the game. You will all take part in a task that may impact your own and other’s Big Coin totals.”

BB called the housemates one by one to the Task Room where they found ten piggy banks, one for each housemate.

Housemates each select five random coins from a money bag. There were five types of coins: +500, +50, -50, -500 and a secret deal coin.

The housemates had to decide who to give each of their coins to by placing them inside the Piggy Banks of their chosen housemates. Those housemates’ respective Big Coin totals were then adjusted according to the value of the coins placed inside their Piggy Banks.

The secret deal coin was found by Isabella, and gave her the power to steal the coins of another housemates’ piggy bank. She chose Akeem.

After the task Cameron, Zoe and Cian were the richest housemates while Sian, Lewis and Tomasz were the poorest – with Tomasz left with 0.

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday-Friday nights at 10PM on Channel 5.

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