Big Brother 2018 results: Housemates react to Kenaley's eviction

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Kenaley Amos-Sissons became the next housemate to leave Big Brother 2018 last night – here’s how housemates reacted.

Housemates nominated for the third time at the weekend with viewers also able to nominate a housemate in a secret vote.


Following the game changer, Kenaley Amos-Sissons and Akeem Griffiths facing the axe, and it was Kenaley who left in Friday’s Big Brother results.

After saying goodbye to the group Kenaley left the House and told host Emma Willis: “I’m gutted, it just feels so surreal.”

Asked if she was surprised it was her who got evicted, Kenaley admitted: “No, because from the minute you know you’re up, you already imagine yourself walking up the stairs, you already imagine yourself meeting you [Emma].

“And because Akeem’s such a nice guy, it was really hard to…because, you know, he hasn’t done anything malicious, he’s very caring.”

Cian was left in tears by the exit, comforted by Zoe: “She’ll be having a blast, you know she will. She’ll be f**king buzzing now.”

Akeem reacted to hearing some cheers for his name: “I heard one scream but I think it was my mother, I’m telling you. My family’s going to be p***ed that’ twice they’ve had to travel up from Wales.”


Meanwhile, Tomasz’ lack of reaction left some housemates angry.

When he went to the Diary Room, Cameron Cole quipped: “Tomasz is in there salivating at the chance to f**k one of us over.”

Brooke Berry added: “I bet him and Akeem will be best friends again. He hasn’t even shed a tear.”

Cian agreed: “He hasn’t mentioned Kenaley once yet wanted to save her all week. He had this big plan to save and now hasn’t mentioned her once. That’s offensive as her friend.”

After the eviction, host Emma revealed a brand new twist for the week ahead which will end in a double eviction next Friday night.

Big Brother gathered the group to reveal that the game was changing, prompting lots of speculation from the group.

Hussain told Tomasz: “I’m thinking of my next plan. I hope it’s face to face nominations this week. I really do because we know what the f**k people are actually thinking.


“It’d be nice to see what floaters choose us. Then you get a feel of whether or not someone is copping out or actually has an issue.”

Big Brother returns Sunday night at 10pm on Channel 5.

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