Big Brother SPOILER! New money twist shocks the housemates

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There will be a 'Piggy Bank Robbery' on Big Brother 2018 this evening.

Host Emma Willis announced the latest twist on Bit On The Side on Fridy night, which will shake up the current Big Coin totals.


As things stand, Cian Carrigan is the current richest housemate however that could all soon change.

Host Emma explained that the Piggy Bank Robbery would see each housemate given five coins, each with a different value.

"Some can add money, some can remove money, some can royally screw with people," she teased.

In tonight's (Sunday) episode, Big Brother calls the housemates in turn to the Task Room where they find ten piggy banks, one for each housemate.

Housemates each select five random coins from a money bag. There are four types of coins: +500, +50, -50 and -500.

The housemates will all have to decide who to give each of their coins to by placing them in the Piggy Banks of their chosen housemates. Those housemates' respective Big Coin totals will be adjusted according to the coins placed inside their Piggy Banks. They cannot give the coins to themselves.


In a further twist to come over the next week, housemates will take part in 'a week of Big Brother in a day'.

They will first nominate before immediately facing the Game Changer task. Then, those left up for eviction, will face a shock exit as one of them is kicked out the very same day.

It follows Big Brother warning the group after Friday night's live show that the game was changing.

Big Brother told the housemates: "Listen carefully, you've been in the house for 29 days. Some of you have been saved by the public. Some of you have saved yourselves. Some of you have never faced eviction. But you are all still here.

"From here, your decisions will have greater consequences. Your Big Coins will have more power. It's time to take the game the next level."


Currently ten housemates remain in the competition ahead of the final in November.

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday night at 10PM on Channel 5.

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