Big Brother 2018: Cameron Cole and Lewis Flanagan's friendship is talk of the house

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Cameron Cole’s closeness with Lewis Flanagan is the talk of the Big Brother 2018 house tonight.

It follows a huge row between Lewis and Akeem Griffiths last night, that also ended up with Cameron rowing with Cian Carrigan.

In this evening’s show, the argument is all most of the housemates are talking about.

Cian confides in some of the group: “I remember Cameron saying to Kay across the table when Kay wanted to leave, he said to her across the table, ‘It’s coming across as though you’re Lewis [G]’s bitch’.

“And in my head, that’s like what it’s coming across what you [Cameron] are with Lewis [F]. You look like his bodyguard sort of.

“I do not appreciate being talked to as I’m walking away. I really didn’t like that. If I want to get involved, I’ll f**king get involved.”

He later tells Brooke Berry: “I feel like I might be taken for granted a bit in terms of friendships… Like [Cameron] was saying, ‘I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Lewis, he’s stood by me and is the only one who has my back.’ That just makes me feel like s**t.

She replies: “Given the life changing stressful situation that he’s gone through, he’s probably become dependent and prioritised other people over you and forgot you were there from the start.”

Meanwhile, Cameron heaps praise on his pal.

“I think [Lewis] is popular. People will have seen how much he helped me. and know that’s an incredible human being,” Cameron says.

He later suggests to Lewis that the other housemates are jealous of them.

“It’s jealousy, I think it’s jealousy,” he says.

Lewis agrees: “I think he’s jealous of what we have. Everyone’s f**king shallow as f**k.”

Elsewhere, Akeem reflects on the row: “Last night was coming for a while and I thought, ‘You know what? You’ve just called me two-faced, how dare you?’ and I think he knows now, he’s been put in his place a bit.”

Big Brother 2018 airs Sunday-Fridays at 10PM on Channel 5. Akeem and Kenaley face the next eviction on Friday night.

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