Big Brother 2018: Lewis Flanagan and Akeem Griffiths kick off in huge row

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Lewis Flanagan and Akeem Griffiths found themselves in a nasty row in tonight’s Big Brother 2018 highlights.

The pair ended up in an explosive argument in the hot tub over who is the more two faced person.

It all started when Akeem joked about how ‘the wrong Lewis went’ in the previous eviction between Lewis F and Lewis Gregory.

“It’s boring and it wasn’t funny the first time, you’re boring me,” complained Lewis.

“You overthink the world’s against you,” replied Akeem.

“Not the world, just people like you slagging me off behind my back,” Lewis responded.

Akeem hit back: “You slag everyone off mate… You’re calling me two-faced, f**king justify it.”

Lewis snapped: “You’ve been up my a**e for weeks and slagged me off in this pool and talked s**t about me and the next day… You’re full of s**t, you’re the most two faced person in this house.”

The pair’s heated row soon embroiled Isabella Farnese who was in the hot tub with the guys, and attempted to calm down the escalating argument.

But her involvement got short shrift from Lewis, leaving the new housemate unhappy.

And Cian Carrigan and Cameron Cole also had their own row in the aftermath, after Cian tried to calm down the situation and Cameron snapped at him for ‘getting involved’.

Meanwhile, Hussain Ahmed offered up his view of the night’s events from the living area.

He observes: “Cameron is just following [Lewis] everywhere, doing exactly what he says, doing exactly what he thinks. He’s bringing Cameron down.

“At least I’m not in the drama today for once.”

Elsewhere in this evening’s episode, housemates were gathered for the reveal of this week’s shopping task.

Big Brother explained: “Housemates, in this week’s shopping task you will be divided in to two groups. The Doers and The Thinkers. The Thinkers are known to have a strategic or creative , deep thinking mind. Whilst Doers are generally eager to try their hand at anything and jump into a task without thinking twice.

“Lewis, Cameron and Akeem will become the The Thinkers. All other housemates will become The Doers.”

In the first task, the shock suits returned, with The Thinkers having to place The Doers to complete an electric circuit.

Big Brother 2018 airs Sunday-Fridays at 10PM on Channel 5. Akeem and Kenaley face the next eviction on Friday night.

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