Big Brother 2018: Cameron Cole RAGES at Akeem Griffiths after bed fart

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Big Brother’s Cameron Cole RAGES at Akeem Griffiths in tonight’s show over a bed fart.

Some messing around in the bedroom ends up with Cameron fuming when Akeem farts while laying in Cameron’s bed.

“F**k you Akeem,” snaps Cameron before storming out of the bedroom.

“It wasn’t on your pillow, it’s on your bed,” Akeem explains.

Retreating to Lewis Flanagan for support, Cameron complains: “I’m f**king furious with him. He actually sat there and laughed that he farted in my bed. That is unacceptable.

“He’s a grown friggin’ man and he acts like a f**king child at times. I do find that disrespectful. Maybe I’m being pathetic but it’s f**king disrespectful.”

Lewis suggests: “Maybe he’s trying to claim alpha male.”

Cameron continues: “The situation has pissed me off. Just the blatant lack of respect that people have for people.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s show, Cameron clashes with new housemate Hussain Ahmed.

Cameron brands Hussain fake, telling him: “Coming into a house and calling yourself ‘The King’ is as fake as it gets. It’s fake.”

Hussain replies: “It’s not fake, it’s my personality. I am The King. I’m here and I’m here to stay, I ain’t going nowhere… you can’t handle it.”

Cameron responds: “No I cant handle narcissist, arrogant people, people who are so materialistic. I can’t stand people like you in the nicest possible way. If you came in to stir the pot you’ve failed miserably.”

Hussain remarks: “Well I’ve clearly got under your skin”

Meanwhile this evening, housemates take part in the new game changer task to win the power over nominations.

Those competing will be nominated housemates Akeem, Lewis and Kenaley alongside Cian, the current richest housemate. Cian chose Sîan Hamshaw and Zoe Jones to also take part in the game.

They compete against one another in a dominoes race with the winner having the power to save one housemate from facing Friday’s eviction.

Big Brother 2018 continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5. The next live eviction airs Friday night with host Emma Willis.

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