Gavin Henson cosying up to 'X Factor beauty' on 'The Bachelor'!

Gavin Henson The Bachelor

Producers of new Channel 5 show The Bachelor have reportedly been forced to give out condoms after the show's star Gavin Henson started cosying up to 'X Factor beauty', singer Layla Manoochehri. According to The Sun, bosses reckon there's some "hanky-panky" going on between the pair.

The Bachelor, which is currently filming in Spain, will launch later this year and see 25 foxy beauties compete for the affections of the Welsh rugby hunk, following his breakup from Charlotte 18 months ago.

21-year-old lingerie model Layla however has already been seen getting close to the former Strictly Come Dancing star.

A source told the tabloid: "The pair are always sneaking off together for some 'private time'. Producers are convinced there is some hanky-panky going on, so have sent in boxes of condoms to make sure everyone's playing safe.

"The other girls, understandably, want to scratch her eyes out, but she feels like she's the cat that got the cream. He's smitten and let's face it, he's been gagging for action since he split from Charlotte."

Brunette beauty Layla was in a 2008 took part in The X Factor back in 2008 as part of a girl group un-inventively called 'Girlband.'

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