Big Brother 2018: Cian Carrigan and Lewis Flanagan row over Kay Lovelle

Lewis F

Cian Carrigan and Lewis Flanagan clash over Kay Lovelle in tonight's Big Brother 2018.

Kay left the house yesterday and in this evening's show remains a hot topic.


Lewis and Cameron Cole spend a lot of time analysing her decision to leave following rows with both of them.

In a chat in the living area, Cameron speculates: "In her mind she thought she was going Friday. In my mind, she thought 'I'll f**k them over one last time, I'll make them look bad... I'll avoid the crowd, avoid the exit interview, I make them look like s**t and throw them under the bus'."

Lewis reassures himself: "I can't feel bad because I don't think I did anything. "

Cameron adds: "I don't think she was not aware of what she was doing. There's a nice woman in there but I don't know... I wish her luck."

They continue to talk about Kay throughout the day.

In another chat, Lewis says: "I'm not going to let no one ruin my experience because they decided to leave."


"I just think it's a little bit suspicious," says Cameron of the situation.

But all the Kay talk winds up Cian who ends up telling Lewis to "shut the f**k up" when he later brings her up again in the bedroom.

He rants: "If I hear one more thing about why Kay walked last night I am going to fart fire."

In a chat with Sian and Isaac in the garden, he rants about Lewis F: "Seriously, he's making Cameron really paranoid now, saying 'She's out there selling stories about me to the Daily Mirror', 'She's on chat show's talking'... is she f**k!

"She's at home eating f**king vegan sausages."


Cian continues: "It's really doing my head in. I actually can't sit in a room any more, I'm going to snap. Before Lewis G went I was so fond of him [Lewis F], it's so f**king draining."

Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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