Big Brother 2018: Kay Lovelle and Lewis Flanagan kick off in big row

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Kay Lovelle and Lewis Flanagan kicked off in tonight’s Big Brother 2018.

The pair previously locked horns over Kay’s ‘secret’ life outside the Big Brother house.

It started over the weekend when Kay became coy with Lewis F over her situation on the outside world.

“I’m a little bit cautious because I barely know you…” Lewis F began.

“If somebody wants to be private… I don’t understand why.. like…” Kay responded.

Lewis F explained: “I respect that about why you’re private. I like that about you, I think it’s nice that you’re private and you know what, it’s admirable. I’m just a little bit suspicious at the fact that we’re getting real close and I don’t know much about you.

“Every time we speak, you’re like ‘I can’t say, I can’t disclose that this, I can’t disclose that.’

“And I’m getting a little bit cautious of who I’m getting close to. because I don’t know you.”

In this evening’s episode, Kay and Lewis F’s relationship took another turn when they get into a nasty argument in the bedroom.

Kay accused Lewis F of making ‘a big deal’ out of a planned prank, prompting him to snap: “You cry everyday about everything! How dare you say everything’s a big deal to me.”

Kay responded: “I’m starting not to like you. I feel you’re becoming very negative. you harbour so much ****.”

Lewis reacted: “You’re the most unstable person in here. You’re a hypocrite.”

Kay said: “You clearly have a lot of issues. You’re a very angry individual.”

At the weekend, housemates nominated in the Diary Room for the second time this year and the results will be revealed tonight.

Meanwhile Akeem has a confession for the house as he insists he’s not playing a game.

Big Brother 2018 airs Sunday-Friday nightly on Channel 5 at 10PM.

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