Big Brother 2018 contestants, results and WINNER from final series

Big Brother UK: Who won? Results and housemates updates

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Here's the final rundown on the Big Brother 2018 contestants and who left and who WON.

The current - and as it stands, last ever - series of BBUK concluded on Monday night.


The show ran for a total of 53 days and with weekly evictions, here's all the latest on who's in and who's out of the house...

Big Brother 2018 contestants and results

Four housemates made it to the final after 16 took part the series. Alongside the evictions, two have been removed and one walked.

WINNER: CAMERON COLE: 18-year-old vlogger from Norwich
RUNNER UP: AKEEM GRIFFITHS: 26-year-old Training Consultant from Rhondda Valley
THIRD PLACE: ZOE JONES: 31-year-old carer from Halifax
FOURTH PLACE: CIAN CARRIGAN: 23-year-old Customer Service Agent for a mobile gaming company from Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

REMOVED: ELLIS HILLON: 19-year-old Fast Food Restaurant Worker from Glasgow.
EVICTED FIRST: ANAMÉLIA SILVA: 31-year-old Spiritual Advisor from London
EVICTED SECOND: LEWIS GREGORY: 26-year-old Bricklayer from London
WALKED: KAY LOVELLE: 32-year-old artist from London

EVICTED THIRD: ISAAC JAGROOP: 23-year-old Footballer / Club Promoter from Birmingham
EVICTED FOURTH: KENALEY AMOS-SISSONS: 24-year-old Call Centre Worker from Nottingham
EVICTED FIFTH: HUSSAIN AHMED: 25-year-old Physiotherapist from Birmingham
EVICTED SIXTH: ISABELLA FARNESE: 23-year-old Race Horse Rider from Great Yarmouth

REMOVED: LEWIS FLANAGAN: 27-year-old Bartender from Stockton-On-Tees
EVICTED SEVENTH: TOMASZ WANIA: 31-year-old cleaner from London
EVICTED EIGHTH: SÎAN HAMSHAW: 25-year-old waitress from Barnsley
EVICTED NINTH: BROOKE BERRY: 21-year-old Freelance Graphic Designer from London

Will Big Brother be back?

As it stands, no one knows.

The show will no longer air on Channel 5 and although there's been speculation it could move to a new home, nothing is confirmed.


"It's hard to know what's going to happen in fact it's impossible to know what will happen with the show," host Emma said in the final. "All we can go on are the facts at this time and the facts, at this moment in time, is that the show is over.

"In my head, I'm treating tonight like the last ever show I do on Big Brother which is really difficult."

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