Big Brother 2018 spoiler: Cameron Cole confronts 'arrogant' Akeem Griffiths

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Cameron Cole confronts Akeem Griffiths in tonight's Big Brother, branding him arrogant.

Cameron takes exception to Akeem's behaviour in this evening's show, first accusing Akeem of 'smiling when he was talking'.


Cameron complains: "You can tell I'm a bit p***ed off and you're sitting there like that. It's taking the p***. You've done it a couple of times."

The seemingly innocuous incident leads Cameron to bring up a number of other problems he has with Akeem.

The teenager begins: "It's like with you, whenever something happens, Akeem's point speaks for the whole house and no one else can have a point. It's the third or fourth time its happened now and I'm getting a little bit sick and tired of it."

Cameron then takes aim at Akeem for saying he wanted to see Lewis G leave the house in a conversation earlier this week.

"Not being funny but who the f**k do you think you are? I just thought it was an arrogant thing to say," Cameron rants. "I can't stand arrogance, it p***es me off. I hate egos, I hate arrogance."

Akeem apologises: "If it's come across arrogance, there's no way shape or form it was meant to."


Cameron isn't the only housemate to become frustrated with Akeem this week.

Earlier, Tomasz Wania and Isaac Jagroop also shared their negative views.

Tomasz complained: "He wants to be the daddy of the house. One of the character traits I don't like is being on the fence. It's starting to really get to me."

He added: "The mask is starting to slip. I'm starting to see through his bulls**t... his f**king coins got into his head so much for f**k sake.

"I wish I could dethrone him, that'd be so much fun."


Isaac Jagroop agreed: "It's f**king stupid and it's fake. Even the way he pouts and smiles get on my nerves."

Big Brother 2018 continues nightly at 10PM on Channel 5.

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