Big Brother 2018: Tomasz Wania really doesn't like Akeem Griffiths

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Tomasz Wania takes aim at Akeem Griffiths in tonight’s Big Brother 2018.

Tomasz previously voiced his dislike for his fellow housemate in last night’s highlights.


Tomasz complained: “He wants to be the daddy of the house. One of the character traits I don’t like is being on the fence. It’s starting to really get to me.”

Isaac Jagroop agreed: “It’s f**king stupid and it’s fake. Even the way he pouts and smiles get on my nerves.”

In tonight’s episode, Tomasaz continues to get annoyed by apparently ‘super competitive’ Akeem.

“Oh my God, I get you’re competitive but it’s not that deep for f**k sake,” he tells Zoe Jones in the smoking area.

She responds: “I don’t not like him, I do like him…”

“The mask is starting to slip,” claims Tomasz. “I’m starting to see through his bulls**t… his f**king coins got into his head so much for f**k sake.


“I wish I could dethrone him, that’d be so much fun.”

Elsewhere tonight, Tomasz shows off his singing skills in the first shopping task of the series.

The housemates this evening find themselves woken up by the sound of clucking, before venturing out of the bedroom to discover (fake) chickens everywhere.

Big Brother explained: “To pass the shopping task, all housemates have to do is count the total number of chickens that appear in the house.”

However as well as the static chickens placed around the house, housemates take part in a number of tasks where they have to count very real chickens.


For his task, Tomasz performs ‘I’m Like A Bird’ in a room full of chickens. In another of the challenges, Lewis G and Zoe have to count chickens – while being covered with chicken feed.

Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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