Big Brother spoilers: Kenaley Amos-Sissons EXPLODES at Lewis Gregory

Latest Big Brother 2018 news and spoilers - what happened last night?

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Kenaley Amos-Sissons explodes at Lewis Gregory on tonight's Big Brother 2018 highlights.

It all kicks off after 'Weetabix-gate' when Lewis G attempts to wind up Lewis Flanagan again by taking his food.


Lewis F vows not to react but the other housemates don't stay as quiet.

Zoe Jones and Isaac Jagroop both speak up, with the latter telling Lewis G: "I'm never defending you again."

But it's Kenaley who lets rip the most, snapping at Lewis G: "Who do you think you are I really don't know. It's pathetic."

Kenaley and Lewis G.
Kenaley and Lewis G.

He insists: "I'm joking around."

Kenaley continues: "Even now we're saying it's wrong and you're like 'Yeah but this' or 'Yeah but that'.

"I feel like in this house it's one rule for you and then a different rule for everyone else. You just take the p**s, you take the p**s out of everybody fam. You think we all have to care about you and you don't actually don't give a f**k....


"You're wrong. You're wrong. If everybody is saying it, look inside yourself, you must be the problem. You actually think you run things around here. You've gassed up your own head to where you actually believe it."

"It's not a big deal," Lewis G responds.

Kenaley goes on: "It is, but nobody else says nothing because they think 'We'll allow it because we don't want to get into it'. You're pathetic, fam. Who do you think you are? Shut up man you're a fool."

Lewis G taunts Kenaley: ""I'm just myself, all it is you can't handle it. I've broken you, I've broken you."

She concludes: "You're a d**khead and no one else wants to say it. F**king fool."

Elsewhere in tonight's highlights, Lewis F complains about the ongoing tension in the house.

In the bathroom with Zoe and Kay, he says: "I'm sick of this house, it's p***ing me off. I just think the group seems to be controlled by people that I don't really get on with."

Discussing the hiding drinks and food, he adds: "we're supposed to be living together and cohabiting together there's no respect or f**king consideration for anyone else. We're living like animals."

Kenaley and Lewis G.
Kenaley and Lewis G.

Meanwhile, another brewing rivalry sees Tomasz continue to take aim at Akeem.

Branding Akeem a 'bad person', Tomasz declares: "I'm starting to see through his bulls**t... his f**king coins got into his head so much for f**k sake. I wish I could dethrone him, that'd be so much fun."


Also in tonight's highlights, housemates take on their very first shopping task involving a LOT of chickens, while Sian and Cian chat about Kay’s crush on Brooke.

Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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