Big Brother 2018 spoiler: Kay Lovelle confronts Lewis Gregory

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Kay Lovelle and Lewis Gregory have it out in tonight’s Big Brother 2018 highlights.

The pair had been pals but now it seems as though Lewis G has lost his only ally in the house.

Kay confronts Lewis G after his latest attempts to wind up ‘rival’ Lewis Flanagan.

“I just think it’s sad that you’re making the other lewis feel rubbish,” Kay tells Lewis G.

But Lewis responds sarcastically: “I know it’s really sad. Are you going to start crying again?”

Kay continues: “I actually liked you. It’s not nice. I thought you were a bit better than that really. It’s a shame, I thought you were alright. ”

Lewis reacts: “I don’t care what you think of me. I don’t really care. What a shame.”

Kay asks: “Why can’t you talk to me normally, why is your response like that? It’s just hard for me to watch it when someone feels…”

Lewis interrupts: “At the end of the day he’s my opponent and that’s the way I look at it. Everyone’s my opponent in here, that’s what it is, a game show.”

Meanwhile, Tomasz Wania and Isaac Waddington are getting annoyed with Akeem Griffiths.

Tomasz complains: “He wants to be the daddy of the house. One of the character traits I don’t like is being on the fence. It’s starting to really get to me.”

Isaac agrees: “It’s f**king stupid and it’s fake. Even the way he pouts and smiles get on my nerves.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s highlights show, housemates take part in the first Gamechanger task to determine who eventually faces Friday’s next eviction.

Currently, Lewis F, Lewis G and Isaac are up for the axe but there’s the potential for one to be saved in the challenge.

Big Brother 2018 airs nightly Sunday-Friday at 10PM on Channel 5.

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