Big Brother 2018: Lewis Flanagan punished for rule breaking

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Lewis Flanagan has been punished for breaking Big Brother’s rules regarding nominations.

After a first week twist, housemates nominated for the first time on Sunday night and the results were revealed on Monday night.


Those with the most votes and currently up for eviction are Lewis Gregory and Lewis Flanagan with 8 and 6 nominations each.

Unknown to the housemates, this week also saw viewers able to nominate a housemate via a free public vote. This housemate was Isaac, who joined Lewis F and Lewis G in facing the axe on Friday night, before the Gamechanger twist saw him saved.

Following the nominations reveal to the house in Tuesday highlights, Lewis F couldn’t help but spill details on his nominations of Isaac and Lewis G.

Big Brother called him to the Diary Room and said: “Big Brother has reminded you regarding the rules about discussing nominations on several occasions.

“Earlier today in a conversation with Cian, you said the following:’ There is a couple of things that he’s done that I’m not happy about. It’s not the reasons why I nominated him, but it’s the stuff he’s done that I didn’t like.'”

Big Brother continued: “Discussing who you nominated in this way is a clear breach of Big Brother rules and Big Brother takes rule breaks very seriously.”


Now BBUK has delivered its punishment, telling Lewis in the Diary Room: “Any housemate found to be in breach of the Big Brother rules will face consequences.

“As a result, Big Brother will be fining you for this rule break by taking one hundred Big Coins from your current total. In this case, talk is not cheap.”

Elsewhere in this week’s BB highlights, Lewis F ranted to Big Brother about the other housemates acting like “f**king children.”

He complained in the Diary Room: “I didn’t come here to get wasted and do f**king stupid s**t on TV. I came here to be myself and have meaningful conversations . The people I’m around are all acting like f**king children. So I thought, f**k it, I’ll give them what I want.

“I’ll have a couple of drinks tonight. I’ll get involved in the ‘conversation’ and the ‘funny games’ and the stupid talks about ‘how one time I s**t myself’… f**k off!

“Someone came up with a game where the boys where the girls’ clothes and the girls wear the boys’ clothes. I’m not doing it. I wouldn’t do it at home, so I’m not doing it on TV.”


He added: “I’m not changing because I’m up for eviction, I’m not changing so people like me and I’m not changing so someone can see me in a dress… it’s just pathetic.”

Big Brother 2018 airs Sunday-Friday nights on Channel 5.

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