Big Brother 2018 housemates talk sexuality and who fancies who?

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The Big Brother 2018 housemates talk sexuality and house crushes in tonight’s show.

Now 10 days into their stay in the house, it seems some housemates are beginning to have deeper feelings for one another.

In one chat, Cian Carrigan confesses to Zoe Jones he’s developed a growing crush on Lewis Flanagan.

“I can’t say something about someone here. I’m not even putting it out there,” he says cryptically. “I really wanna tell you but trust me it’s better for me if I can’t.

After Cian offers up some clues, Zoe concludes who Cian is falling for: “I know who it is because of the height, Lewis…”

“I don’t know where it’s come from,” adds Cian.

Meanwhile, Isaac Jagroop confesses to Sîan Hamshaw that he fancies her during a heart to heart in the garden.

“You’re alright,” he eloquently says of his feelings, “I feel like a little kid about it.”

Elsewhere, Brooke Berry probes Kay Lovelle about her sexuality.

“Are you gay, straight or bi?” she asks with Kay responding: “I don’t know…”

And finally, Cameron Cole confides in Lewis F he wants to get something off his chest but is worried.

“If I speak to you about it then the whole world knows,” he says.

Lewis F asks “Are you not ready for the whole world to know that about you?”

He encourages Cameron: “This is your life and if you’re ready to express yourself in a certain way, you do so and the people who love you will accept you for it in whichever way you do it.”

Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 10:15PM on Channel 5.

In other highlights this evening, housemates find out who is currently up for eviction and news of the new Gamechanger task.

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