Big Brother 2018: Cameron Cole fumes at 'sly' Kay Lovelle

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Cameron Cole has hit out at Kay Lovelle on Big Brother 2018.

The pair had locked horns in last night’s highlights, with Cameron leaving Kay in tears when he suggested she was coming across as ‘Lewis G’s b***h’.

Although they made up and hugged it out, it seems things are still far from amicable between them.

In tonight’s show, Cameron complains to Tomasz Wania about Kay: “She keeps saying s**t like ‘What are you bringing to the conversation?’ or ‘You’ve got no empathy for animals’ and yesterday ‘Oh you’re only 18’.

“She’s trying to get me to react and it ain’t going to work. Three different occasions now she’s put in a little sly dig. If she was so, all pure and nice, that wouldn’t be happening.”

“I feel like it’s boiling between you two,” Tomasz commented before defending Kay and concluding: “I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.”

Cameron reacted: “That’s fair enough I’m not asking you to pick sides, she’s just not my type of person at the end of the day.”

Elsewhere, Kay herself was taking aim at Cameron in a chat with the girls.

She said: “The way he’s speaking is quite bitchy and I’m just noticing it now. I’m seeing a really different side. It’s very juvenile.”

Meanwhile in this evening’s highlights, Lewis Flanagan is annoyed at pretty much everyone in the house.

He complains to Big Brother in the Diary Room: “The people I’m around are acting like f**king children. Someone came up with a game where the boys wear the girls’ clothes and the girls wear the boys’ clothes. I’m not doing it. I wouldn’t do it at home, so I’m not doing it on TV.

“I’m not changing because I’m up for eviction, I’m not changing so people like me… it’s just pathetic.”

Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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