Big Brother 2018: Lewis Gregory reveals Bear is his favourite housemate

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Lewis Gregory has revealed Stephen Bear is his favourite former Big Brother housemate.

The 26-year-old bricklayer is one of the current housemates competing for the £100,000 prize fund.

Born on 24th July, he describes himself as a “24/7 kinda guy”, highly competitive and says winning is everything.

Speaking before entering the house, Lewis said he likes to be around people who don’t take things too seriously and can handle his boisterous personality. “I sort of get on with anyone because nothing fazes me.”

“I am special, what can I say. I deserve to be on there. You know that is the thing,” he declared.

Lewis has made a name for himself already this series for his antics, which may in part be influenced by his admiration for former CBB winner Stephen Bear.

Lewis said: “I loved [Stephen] Bear, he is awesome. I will not wind people up as much, but I can’t call it with me, it’s all natural. It depends on the vibe and who is in there. I am not going to try to wind people up, it is on them and how they go. Hardeep [CBB] was also awesome this year.”

And he insisted before joining he would get on with everyone, saying: “Why would I not get on with anyone? I mean, I am not going to judge anyone off the bat. I am going in there and will try to get on with them all, and then after that, I will make my judgment. You know.

“I can be a peacemaker. I am not going to take sides, unless it is an argument to do with me, then I will hold my own. I don’t think I will get in arguments, then again, we might get a couple of haters in there, so it all depends on who else is in there.

“You are going to expect something new that has not been in there before. Some rare sh*t, some star power. Just something totally different, something the viewers are going to like, and probably keep into the final, and probably win it.”

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday-Friday nights on Channel 5 at 10PM. 

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