Big Brother 2018: Lewis Gregory annoys the housemates ahead of nominations

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Lewis Gregory continues to wind up the other Big Brother 2018 housemates tonight - and they're not happy.

Last night saw Lewis G cause chaos in the house with his antics, even getting Big Brother angry.


In tonight's episode it's nominations time but Lewis G doesn't fear being given the boot.

In fact, he seems to go out of his way to encourage the housemates to nominate him.

His latest set of attention seeking antics and wind-ups leave the likes of Isaac Jagroop and Lewis Flanagan fuming.

"It's not funny bruv. You're starting to do my f**king head in. It's actually mad now," Isaac snaps at Lewis G after his attempts to get a reaction out of him. "Now you got no mates in here."

Lewis G responds: "I never did. I had acquaintances."

Kenaley Amos-Sissons questions: "Do you do it on purpose, do you want house enemies?"


"I just do what I want when I want," declares Lewis G.

But Lewis G does have one fan in the house - Kay Lovelle.

She confides in Lewis F: "I genuinely find him harmless and funny. he's one of those completely unfiltered, he doesn't care whether people like him or not."

Lewis F responds: "I think it's all premeditated.'

Kay continues: "I think that's him all his life. Because he has this energy when he does it, he doesn't mean it. Maybe I'm naive but I think he likes you.

"Even though I know he's antagonising and people are getting p***ed off but when everyone was laying into him I felt bad..."

Lewis F reacts: "You felt sorry for him?! Not for me when he's coming at me?"

Kay claims: "I didn't think he meant it. I think he likes you.


However Lewis F declares: "Since the day he's walked in, he's had something against me. You can't see it but everyone else sees it. My intuition was right about him and he just proved it today."

Big Brother 2018 continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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