Big Brother 2018 spoilers: Housemates kick off as Lewis G attempts to cook dinner

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The Big Brother 2018 housemates kick off in tonight’s show in a row over dinner.

Lewis Gregory’s meal time ends in chaos when the other housemates attempt to throw his ‘contaminated’ food away.

It begins as the other housemates critique his cooking style, Lewis G snaps: “Seriously I’m a master chef. Why did you get involved?”

Eventually, Akeem Griffiths and Zoe Jones take action as Akeem says: “Listen, Big Brother just said you’ve cross contaminated this. You can’t eat this.”

Kenaley Amos-Sissons agrees: “This definitely needs throwing.”

As the housemates attempt to throw out Lewis’ food, he shouts: “That’s mine, leave it alone. Leave my mince alone.”

Zoe eventually chucks it into the bin, as Lewis continues to protest: “Oh my God, what are you doing?”

He later tells Big Brother in the Diary Room: “I don’t want to contaminate anyone.”

Meanwhile, Lewis G and Lewis Flanagan also end up clashing.

Lewis F accuses in the Diary Room of Lewis G: “He’s really just intent on getting me out of this house, I’m sure he’ll try his best.”

And he’s not wrong, as Lewis G declares to Isaac in the garden about his ‘rival’: “I don’t give a s**t, I’ll get rid of him next week.”

Elsewhere tonight, the Big Brother housemates get the chance to spend their Big Coins.

Back on launch night, Big Brother opened the Bank Of Big Brother which will play a huge part in this year’s series.

The first twist involved the eviction, with housemates told that the three poorest housemates with the fewest Big Coins would face the axe. After a week of tasks to earn Big Coins, it was Anamelia who was voted off on Friday, having faced the vote alongside Kay and Sian.

In this evening’s highlights, Big Brother announces: “Housemates, over the last week Big Brother has given housemates the opportunity to collect and save up on Big Coins.

“However, like every currency, Big Coins are also there to be spent and today it’s time for housemates to loosen the purse strings and treat themselves.

“Housemates will now get the chance to spend their Big Coins on some exclusive items in Big Brother’s auction. Happy spending!”

Also this evening, after his snoring kept housemates awake all night, Tomasz is given a breathing aide by Big Brother.

A spokesperson for the show confirmed: “After taking medical advice about his snoring, he was given an oxygen machine to help him with his breathing during sleep.”

Big Brother 2018 airs Sunday-Fridays at 10PM on Channel 5.

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