Big Brother 2018 housemates happy after Anamélia Silva is evicted

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The Big Brother housemates have reacted with relief that Anamélia Silva has been evicted.

Friday night saw the first eviction of the series as Anamélia Silva was eliminated. She left against Sîan Hamshaw and Kay Lovelle.


The trio faced the axe after a first week twist which saw housemates competing to win ‘Big Coin’ at the ‘Bank Of Big Brother’.

There were no nominations; instead as Anamélia, Kay and Sian were the housemates with the fewest Big Coin at the end of the week they automatically faced the first eviction.

In the house afterwards and for the most part, housemates were glad to see the back of Anamélia.

Isaac Jagroop admitted he felt back but added: “It’s f**ked but can’t f**king fight the way someone makes you feel, init? She made me s**t too, all the time.”

Tomasz Wania added: “She was a bit like sucking the air out.”

Isaac continued: “If it weren’t about her, she weren’t happy. If she only like gave herself a chance to like not be the centre of attention of she would be so much fun.


“Sometimes she was alright and I felt I couldn’t even accept it because I knew what a p***k she is like all the other times.”

Lewis Gregory chimed in: “The way she looks at people sometimes just when they’re talking and she’s not talking, I can see it in her eye. She doesn’t like it. She’ll look at you in a weird way just ‘cos she’s not the one talking.”

Tomasz concluded: “It’s just a pity because I really wanted her to like calm down a little bit.”

Meanwhile, outside the house, Anamélia said of her eviction: “I feel really good about being evicted. I could not have taken any more in that house. I’m really not about that, back-stabbing life. I will miss Tomasz the most, he is really just a ray of sunshine and I hope he wins.”


She added: “My overall BB experience was quite… shocking to say the least. I didn’t know that grown ups couldn’t talk face to face. I thought that was a normal thing.”

Big Brother 2018 airs Sunday-Friday nights at 10PM on Channel 5.

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