Chloe Ayling claims she and Jermaine Pennant 'got intimate' on Celebrity Big Brother

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Chloe Ayling has claimed she and Jermaine Pennant ‘got intimate’ on Celebrity Big Brother last month.

The pair controversially got close in the house during the last series, despite Jermaine being married.

Having believed him to be single, Chloe says she and Jermaine did “something intimate” in the bedroom one night – but he denies her claims.

The model claimed to The Sun newspaper: “When me and Jermaine shared a bed one night in the Big Brother house something intimate did happen when I was under the impression he was single, however absolutely nothing has happened between us since finding out he was married during my eviction interview.

“We played the bed swapping game and I ended up with Jermaine.

“I was wearing a hoodie and knickers and we got under the covers – we each had our own duvet – and we knew we had to be discreet because all the cameras where on us.”

Chloe insisted that she had no idea Jermaine had a wife until being told by host Emma Willis following her eviction.

She explained: “When I found out he was married I was speechless and shocked – I couldn’t understand how someone could confess on national TV that they like another girl, spend the whole time flirting with them and even share a bed.

“This led a young girl on and completely disrespected his wife, making me realise he didn’t care about anyone’s feelings.

“And when it goes as far as something physical happening – beyond a kiss – and then to find this out, of course you feel used.”

During her chat with Emma after being evicted, Chloe found out the truth about Jermaine’s relationship on the outside world.

“No way… I don’t even know what to say to that,” Chloe reacted at the time. “I don’t even have any words at the moment. I think that’s disgusting, to be married and then to try and crack on with someone on TV.”

Appearing on Bit On The Side afterwards, Chloe said of Jermaine: “He’s disgusting. I don’t know why you would do that on national TV when you have a wife at home. It’s just so cruel and not needed at all, it’s just disgusting.”

She added: “Just looking back at it, it makes me think he doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings but himself.”

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