Big Brother 2018: Lewis Flanagan reveals his feelings for Kay Lovelle

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Lewis Flanagan admits his feelings for Kay Lovelle on Big Brother 2018 tonight.

In tonight’s show, Kay finds out she’s one of three housemates up for eviction alongside Anamélia Silva and Sîan Hamshaw.


Following the news, Kay says she is struggling to ‘fit in’ to the group.

“I feel really deflated. I feel like I’m not fitting in as well,” she tells Lewis G. “I’m getting tired of listening and talking.”

Unknown to Kay, at least one of the housemates feels more strongly about her than she seems to think.

“I don’t want Kay to leave,” Lewis F declares in the Diary Room. “I can’t believe she was in there [up for eviction]. She’s such a nice human. She’s so pure and there’s not like a bad bone in her body. She’s infectious. I think I’m starting to like her.

“Obviously I’ve got to be mindful of my feelings in here because everything is intensified. I don’t even know the situation, she might have a boyfriend but I really like her. We get on really well. She’s so nice, she’s constantly glowing. She wakes up glowing, constantly smiling, ”

He continues: “Her energy is infectious she’s a really nice girl. Beautiful too. I think there’s a lot more to her that I’d like to get to know and develop a stronger connection. Whether that’s strictly platonic or not I don’t know what her situation is, and I’m not really looking for anything right now.

“I’m kinda trying to practice my celibacy. I want to be 100% sure of the person I’m allowing into my environment but judging her by cover she’d probably be something like her.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, Cian discusses his unfortunate accident with a sweet as a child while there are claims that the house is haunted.

After seeing a ‘ghost’ in the bedroom, Cameron Cole declares: “I think the house is haunted. I think the Big Brother house is haunted. F**k, if I’m here for Halloween I’m going to be a wreck.”


Meanwhile, Zoe gives her opinion on feminism and Anamelia strips down in the bedroom.

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday-Fridays at 10PM on Channel 5. The first eviction takes place at 10PM, Friday night with host Emma Willis.

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