Big Brother housemates sure house is HAUNTED after more 'ghost' sightings

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There are more suspicions that the Big Brother 2018 house is haunted following mystery goings on in the night.

In last week’s highlights, Cameron Cole revealed all about what he had supposedly seen.

“I think I’ve seen a ghost in here,” declared Cameron in the house at the weekend.

He told Zoe Jones: “Seriously, two nights in a row now. I’m sitting here in bed. I shut my eyes, I open my eyes. Yesterday I thought it was Lewis but I looked and he was in bed.

“Round the corner, there was a f**king person. I’ve done it about three or four times these past couple of nights.”

Zoe asked: “Sure your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you?”

But Cameron insisted: “No, there’s no light for it to play tricks. I think there’s a ghost in here. The scary f**king thing is, it looks like Lewis [G].”

Cameron concluded: “I think the house is haunted. I think the Big Brother house is haunted. F**k, if I’m here for Halloween I’m going to be a wreck.”

Cameron went on to also confess to Zoe his belief in ‘real magic’.

He said: “I do genuinely believe in magic. There is no way some of these tricks they do they can do without there being magic. ”

Now in tonight’s show, there are more ghostly goings on.

“It literally touched me on the foot last night,” Cameron said of the ghost. “The weird thing is it looks like Lewis F.”

Cameron then tried to encourage his fellow housemates to go on a ghost hunt, as he revealed more spooky sightings including a mysterious mug falling off a chair.

“This house is f**ked up,” he concluded. “I’m not being haunted in here. I want a priest in here.”

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday-Fridays at 10PM on Channel 5. The next eviction takes place at 10PM, Friday night with host Emma Willis.

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