Big Brother 2018: Anamélia Silva hits back after clashing with the girls

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Anamélia Silva has hit back after clashing with the other women on Big Brother 2018.

Kenaley Amos-Sissons, Brooke Berry and Kay Lovelle were involved in the showdown with Anamelia on last night's show.


The group locked horns in the bathroom, with Kenaley accusing Anamélia of making 'everything about her'.

Kenaley complained: "It's always about you and that you don't take no interest.. we'll listen to your story... I feel bad saying this but we'll all be talking about something and you control the situation. It's always about you."

In tonight's show, Anamélia hits back in a chat with Sîan Hamshaw.

She says: "I haven't done anything but just be. I've just been me but I don't know if I'm taking up too much space or whatever it is. I've done my best to lift everybody else, since day one.

"Since I walked through that door, the first thing I do is compliment other women. That's my life, to build other women up and that's why I don't understand how I then - can't have this space to be that myself. "

Anamélia, who is currently in danger of facing the first live eviction on Friday, said: "I'm not like stirring that atmosphere. I'm not creating that atmosphere. I feel like I'm being just punished for existing and I'm not saying that to gain any type of.. I'm a strong person.

"I know I cry a lot but to release emotion because I either cry or I scream or I something so I cry to release it."


She concludes: "But I feel like I'm being punished for existing."

Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5 at 10PM.

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