Big Brother 2018: Kay Lovelle and Lewis Gregory clash over veganism

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Kay Lovelle and Lewis Gregory clash over veganism in Big Brother 2018 tonight.

The pair disagree as Kay campaigns against factory farming.

She tells Lewis G: “If you saw the horrible, factory farming industry… I’ve seen those trucks where they come in with their animals and they’re physically sick.

“They’re crying. It’s the most heartbreaking sight to see. It’s horrendous.”

She continues: “Activists are breaking into factory farms and they’re just recording what is happening because they want to expose that.

“All the cannibalism that’s happening… animals are literally eating each other because they can’t, they don’t know what to do, they’re going crazy. It’s just…”

Lewis G then interrupts: “But, Sunday roast is quite nice.”

Kay reacts: “Well if you consider your appetite a priority over someone’s life I think that says a lot.”

On entering the house, Kay said she was a passionate vegan who wanted to make veganism ‘sexy’ and get the lifestyle to become mainstream.

She said her dream job would be as an animal activist. She’d love to save animals across the world and create a loving, peaceful sanctuary for them.

Big Brother 2018 continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

Elsewhere in tonight’s show, the Big Coin task concludes for its first week as three housemates are left up for eviction.

Before the result, housemates have one last chance to earn more Big Coins to avoid the axe.

The first BBUK eviction takes place live at 10PM on Channel 5 on Friday night with host Emma Willis.

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