Big Brother 2018 spoiler: Anamélia Silva breaks down after emotional confession

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Anamélia Silva breaks down in tears on tonight’s Big Brother 2018 highlights.

The outspoken housemate is left emotional as the group discuss their respective parents.

Anamélia tells the house: “My mum is my mum but there was never hugs there was never affection. She only shouted at me, that’s all I can remember from childhood.”

Revealing she had never met her dad, Anamélia began to cry: “It’s just a trigger. I’m really happy and excited and I want to relate but I can’t relate.

“I literally don’t know what that feels like.”

Kenaley comments: “I feel like that’s why you’re so hard faced.”

Anamélia continued: “When I was twelve my mum started giving me my allowance and said this is the money for you to buy whatever you need… sometimes I just wanted my mum because I don’t have my dad. I had to raise myself in a way.

“I just don’t think I was wanted. It’s true, I don’t think I was wanted.”

Elsewhere tonight, a shock new ‘Blood Money twist’ sees the housemates compete to avoid eviction.

This week there are no nominations and instead, housemates with the fewest ‘Big Coins’ will face the public vote. Currently the three housemates at risk with the fewest coins are Anamélia Silva, Tomasz Wania, and Cameron Cole. On the other hand, the housemates with the most Big Coins are Akeem Griffiths, Kenaley Amos-Sissons and Sîan Hamshaw.

Tonight, housemates take on the ‘Blood money ceremony.’

“The decisions made inside this room have the power to decide housemates’ fate in the game,” Big Brother announces after gathering the group.

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday-Fridays at 10PM on Channel 5. The first eviction takes place on Friday night.

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