Big Brother 2018 housemates face another twist ahead of first eviction

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The Big Brother 2018 contestants face another chance to avoid the first eviction tonight.

Last Friday night Big Brother announced the 'Bank of Big Brother' twist, involving a brand new house currency called 'Big Coin'. The new currency will play a "very important" role throughout the new season.


Big Brother explained to the housemates that they would have the chances to acquire Big Coins through tasks, twists and challenges. In turn, Big Coins can be used to improve their stay in the house and even change the fate of the game.

Unveiling the first twist, Big Brother revealed to the group that there would be no nominations this week and instead the three housemates with the fewest Big Coins will face eviction automatically.

Anamélia Silva, Cameron Cole and Tomasz Wania are currently the three in danger.

But tonight the housemates get the opportunity to increase their bank balances - but with a twist.

Split into teams once again, one by one housemates are called to the task room where they face a range of general knowledge questions.

For every one correct, the amount of Big Coins they can win increases. But get one wrong, and they lose any Big Coins won up to that point. After each question, housemates have to decide if they want to continue answering to win more Big Coins or stop and bank what they've won safely.

In a preview clip, Tomaz finds himself quizzed on everything from food to flags.

But when he gets to a question about sport - after winning 75 Big Coins - decides to back out.

However, Big Brother throws a big twist into the mix by offering the opportunity for housemates to steal any Big Coins won for themselves rather than sharing with their teammates.

Meanwhile, housemates are currently unaware that Zoe Jones has been given an extra advantage in the game this week.


Big Brother 2018 airs Sunday-Friday nights on Channel 5.

Tonight's episode airs at the slightly later time of 10:15PM.

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