Big Brother 2018: Zoe Jones left in tears after row with Anamélia Silva

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Zoe Jones is left in tears in tonight’s Big Brother 2018 after rowing with Anamélia Silva.

The pair come to blows, as once again Anamélia finds herself causing drama.


Zoe breaks down as she accuses Anamélia of trying to turn the house against her.

She opens up to Lewis Flanagan: “I mentioned that I felt paranoid that she was going round telling people about the situation and telling people, ‘You can’t trust her, she’s a two faced b****, a bit of a s*** stirrer.

“Because I don’t do that and I felt she was insinuating that I do, do that. I now feel I can’t tell anyone about my feelings.”

Anamelia and Zoe.
Anamelia and Zoe.

Zoe cries: “I just want to ring my sister. I always ring my sister when I don’t know what to do. Am I in the right or not?”

Lewis comforts her: “I don’t think you’re wrong at all. She’s a manipulator and she’s trying to make you feel bad.

“Maybe I’m wrong but if we’re both wrong we’ll be wrong together.”


Zoe adds: “She made me feel like she was a better person than me.”

Branding her “narcissistic”, Lewis concludes: “She has no remorse. She can’t accept she’s done something wrong because in her mind she’s above everyone else.”

Meanwhile, Cameron Cole confronts Anamelia about her actions.

He says: “It came across to me like you were being a little bit manipulative like you were trying to turn the house… it came across a little bit manipulative.”

Anamelia reacts: “To me manipulative is a very strong word. That’s not something I want to be involved with I feel like I’m a very open book. I’m very vulnerable. I’m an open book. This is me, this is what I do, this is what I am.”

Later, in the Diary Room, Anamelia breaks down speaking to Big Brother.

“I want to stay the person I am,” she sobbed to Big Brother. “I like me… I don’t want to change that side of me but this house is forcing me to become cold hearted and I don’t want that. I thought I was going to bring some positive energy. I was hoping people would find it easier to talk to me and learn from me and I can learn from them.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s highlights show, the Bank of Big Brother task continues as housemates bid to gain more ‘Big Coins’. The three housemates with the fewest coins will face the first eviction of the series on Friday.

As things stand, the housemates at risk are Anamelia, Cameron and Tomasz Wania.

Tonight, housemates will play a game where they’ll have more chances to win Coins – and will also have the option to steal coins for themselves.


Right now, the group are currently unaware that Zoe has been got an extra advantage in the game that could see things all change.

Big Brother 2018 airs Sunday-Friday nights at 10PM on Channel 5.

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