Big Brother 2018 spoiler: 'Big Coin' task takes another big twist

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Big Brother has unveiled another big twist to the Big Coin task.

On launch night, Big Brother announced a new twist called the 'Bank of Big Brother', involving Big Brother's new currency 'Big Coin', which would play a "very important" role in this year's series.


Big Brother explained that throughout the upcoming weeks, housemates would have the opportunity to win, earn or discover Big Coins. These could buy privileges, luxuries, and experiences, as well as be used to change the fate of the game.

For the first week, Big Brother announced that there would be no nominations and instead the three poorest housemates with the fewest Big Coins will face eviction.

Last night's highlights saw housemates given the chance to win Big Coins but tonight, the gameplay steps up a notch.

"Housemates so far you have been competing for your Big Coin totals but for today's first task housemates have the chance to reduce each other's bank balances," Big Brother announced.

They explained: "This is the killer coin. The Killer Coin caries a very heavy price. The players who's left with the Killer Coin at the end of the task will each lose 20% of their Big Coin total."

The task essentially took the form of a game of 'It', with housemates wearing Velcro pads on the chest. They then had to get the Killer Coin stuck on one of their rivals before the end of the game, by chasing them around the house.

Meanwhile, housemates are currently unaware that Zoe Jones has been given an extra advantage in the game this year.

On launch night, she chose to sleep in bed 13 which had a special significance.


It's given her the power to steal another housemates' bank balance at the end of the week.

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday-Fridays at 10PM on Channel 5. The first eviction takes place on Friday night.

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