Big Brother 2018 spoilers: First task ends in arguments

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The first Big Brother 2018 task ends in rows on tonight’s latest highlights show.

On launch night, Big Brother announced a new twist called the ‘Bank of Big Brother’, involving Big Brother’s new currency ‘Big Coin’, which would play a “very important” role in the series.

Big Brother explained that throughout the series, housemates would have the opportunity to win, earn or discover Big Coins. These could buy privileges, luxuries, and experiences, as well as being used to change the fate of the game.

For the first week, Big Brother announced that there would be no nominations and instead the three poorest housemates with the fewest Big Coins will face eviction.

“It’s Survival Of The Richest,” they said, before a load of coins descended from the ceiling.

In this evening’s episode, a new task gives housemates the chance to win more Big Coins but it causes rows.

Big Brother gathers the group and names Sian and Akeem as team captains. BB then explains: “In this task, you will decide which housemates you want on your team. Sian is the captain of the red team and Akeem is captain of the Blue Team.”

Once in their teams, housemates are given facts about the housemates in their rival team and have to correctly identify who the statement is about.

There is an initial frosty atmosphere when Lewis Gregory is picked last and further clashes when his team ignore his correct answer.

Asked “Who do you think said that their ideal housemate would be a nun?”, Lewis G’s team name Anamélia Silva, but the correct answer is in fact Tomasz Wania.

Elsewhere, on the first night, Lewis G’s brash personality immediately begun to grate on some people. Tomasz was one of those particularly unimpressed, as Lewis made himself known to anyone who would listen.

“Maybe he’s gonna calm down… ‘cos if he doesn’t there will be f**king war here,” Tomasz told Cameron Cole. “Cos seriously, this can’t be real This can’t be f**king real, for goodness sake.”

Tune in to Big Brother 2018 tonight at 10PM on Channel 5 for the first highlights show of the series.

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