Big Brother 2018: Lewis Gregory is already annoying everyone

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Lewis Gregory made quite the impact in Big Brother 2018's launch last Friday night.

He was the final housemate into the house and took his sweet time making it inside, as he played up the crowd outside.


Once finally through the doors, Lewis' brash personality immediately began to grate on his new housemates.

Tomasz Wania was one of those particularly unimpressed, as Lewis made himself known to anyone who would listen.

"Maybe he's gonna calm down... 'cos if he doesn't there will be f**king war here," Tomasz told Cameron Cole. "Cos seriously, this can't be real This can't be f**king real, for goodness sake."

Cameron replied: "I think there's a different side to him."

Tomasz added: "His showing off for now has put me off a little bit. I'm gonna go my way and he can go his."

Born on 24th July, Lewis G described himself as a “24/7 kinda guy" as he went into the house.

"I am special, what can I say. I deserve to be on there. You know that is the thing," he said before entering the house on Friday. "I loved [Stephen] Bear, he is awesome. I will not wind people up as much, but I can’t call it with me, it’s all natural.

"It depends on the vibe and who is in there. I am not going to try to wind people up, it is on them and how they go. Hardeep [CBB] was also awesome this year."


Lewis insisted he would get on with everyone, saying: "Why would I not get on with anyone? I mean, I am not going to judge anyone off the bat. I am going in there and will try to get on with them all, and then after that, I will make my judgment. You know."

Big Brother airs Saturday-Friday nights on Channel 5 at 10PM.

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