Celebrity Big Brother's Kirstie Alley slams Roxanne Pallett after seeing 'punchgate' footage

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Celebrity Big Brother’s Kirstie Alley has slammed Roxanne Pallett after seeing the ‘punchgate’ footage.

It was Ryan Thomas who won Celebrity Big Brother 2018 in the show, beating Kirstie in the final vote.

Following the final, Kirstie has spoken about the ‘punchgate’ scandal that dominated the series.

After watching footage back for the first time, she reacted: “That was it?! We were all jacking around like that. That looks like he didn’t even make contact. The thing that disturbed me the most is that when I talked to her, she said ‘ouch’ and she said he didn’t apologise, and you can see that he did.”

In an appearance on This Morning, Kirstie said: “The thing with Roxanne was, it was 48 hours before anyone knew. I certainly didn’t know for 48 hours. When I found out what her actual accusation was, I realised that it was a career destroyer and it became serious business.

“My only advice to Ryan was get to the producers. At that time I heard she’d gone to the producers and to her manager.”

Ryan himself has also spoken more about the incident in a new interview.

The soap star appeared on Jeremy Vine on Channel 5 to discuss his time in the CBB house.

He recalled: “You don’t have any idea what’s going on just in general, the whole show… [Punchgate] is just a tiny bit of my journey. In that situation you want your friends and loved ones but the whole process it’s tedious. There’s no element of time and the boredom… everything is heightened.

“Nominations become a horrible thing because you end up having to b***h and I know it has to happen and everyone knows what they’re doing in there.”

Ryan added: “I think Roxanne has been through a lot. CBB makes headlines and sometimes for the wrong reasons. It’s time we look forward. She’s suffering enough. I don’t want to be part of it.”

With Celebrity Big Brother now over, Big Brother will kick off on Friday, September 14 at 9PM on Channel 5.

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