Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Kirstie Alley shares 'the most disgusting story'

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Kirstie Alley shares a rather shocking story about laxatives on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2018.

In this evening's episode, Kirstie tells the housemates the dangers of too many laxatives.


"I'm going to tell you the most disgusting story about me in my life," Kirstie began.

She started: "So, I was driving down the street from work and I had two children in car seats. I had been dieting fiercely - what else is new - by taking also a lot of poop pills."

Kirstie went on: "So, I'm driving down the freeway and all of a sudden I'm like, '"Oh my God, I have to poop,' and when you take a lot of those you know it's an emergency.

"So I'm going, 'Oh my God, I've gotta get home,' and I was about ten minutes from home and I'm like, 'Ugh, oh my God, I'm gonna poop', I'm driving and I'm sweating and I'm looking at the kids and I'm like I've gotta pull off and go to the gas station.

"But I knew if I pulled off I wasn't going to be able to get two of them out of the car-seat. I might be able to get one but you can't leave your other kid in the car or you'll become one of those people that's kids are stolen."

The Hollywood star continued: "So sweat is pouring off me, I was desperate so I looked around and reached in the diaper bag and I grabbed a diaper.


"I shoved one in the front and shoved one down the back and I pooped my pants.

"Then I called the person working for me and I went listen, 'I've pooped my pants so the second I get out of the car, come and get the kids out of the car seat and I have to run into the shower'."

Sally quipped: "At least you had diapers there."

Elsewhere in tonight's show, Kirstie finds herself enjoying a lap dance from Dan Osborne.

Dan is given the challenge as part of a brand new task in this evening's highlights.

In tonight's episode, Sally reads out task instructions: "Today housemates will have to fulfil requests that will be made by Big Brothers search engine 'Biggy'. When a new search appears on the giant internet screen.

"It will be up to the housemates to deliver and perform the relevant task that are being searched for "If housemates perform the majority of their searches to Big Brother's satisfaction then Kirstie, Sally and Hardeep will win their letters from home."

One of the searches through invites Dan to strip off, and it sees him oil up for Kirstie.


Elsewhere in tonight's show, it's the live eviction result as Hardeep and Sally go up for the public vote.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5. The live eviction airs tonight at 9PM. The final airs live on Monday night, September 10.

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