Celebrity Big Brother housemates see viewer tweets (but they're all FAKE)

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The Celebrity Big Brother housemates read out viewer tweets in a new task tonight.

However, they're unaware that all the messages are in fact fake.


As part of a new twist, Kirstie Alley was called to the Diary Room yesterday and asked to make up tweets about her fellow housemates.

These were then put to the house in a task, with housemates asked to decide who the Tweets were about.

Big Brother explained: "Housemates, for today's task, you will all get to take part in a quiz, where you will be sown social media comments that have been written by the Big Brother viewers.

"Each comment will have the name of the housemate that it is about blanked out. As a team you must come to a collective decision as to who each comment is about."

"You are not sexy so stop batting your eyes at all the boys #looklikeanidiot," read one comment, which Kirstie had written about Gabby Allen.

"Bloody hell, put a shirt on, no one wants fur in their crisps," was written about Hardeep.


And Nick was told by a 'viewer': "You are more boring than watching paint drying, being generous."

Other 'tweets' included: "Stop talking fullstop! #WeHearYouAllTheWayFromEdinburghWithoutTheTellyOn" and "You are about as innocent as a cock in a hen house #gobacktoyourisland"

Kirstie also wrote the messages: "For f**k's sake, put the mop down and go back home! #MakeBritainGreatAgainAndLeave" and simply: "I want your babies!"

The task and all the fallout will air in Thursday night's highlights show.

Elsewhere in the house yesterday, housemates speculated about who could win the final and Nick shared some of his tales from prison.

Meanwhile, last night's show saw nominations confirmed. This week, two housemates face the axe in the latest public vote.


Housemates nominated on Tuesday and Hardeep Singh Kohli and Sally Morgan were left up for eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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