Celebrity Big Brother's Hardeep breaks down in tears after 'bunion gate'

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Hardeep Singh Kohli gets emotional in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2018 highlights.

It follows Hardeep clashing with Ryan Thomas in last night's show after a comment he made to Sally Thomas about her bunions.


In tonight's episode, Hardeep tells Big Brother: "I think he [Ryan] let Sally play him last night with bunion gate. I think Sally's a very canny woman."

He reflects: "I can't see how she would've been offended by it. And if I can't see how she would be offended by it, and it offended her, that's worrying for me.

"That's not what I'm about. Bunions.. I never thought I'd be in the Diary Room discussing someone's bunions and the social protocol of how to deal with someone's bunions."

Hardeep then opened up about finding himself closer to Big Brother than his fellow housemates.

"I like talking to you a great deal more [than the housemates]," he said. "I speak to Nick a lot and he listens... the rest of them, I can't really... you cant have a conversation with Gabby. It has to be less than a minute long and have no long words in it.

"This [in the Diary Room] is where the meaningful conversations are taking place for me."


Tearfully, Hardeep adds: "I think I'm getting it, just not from them. But that's fine."

Some CBB fans accused the group of 'bullying' Hardeep during highlights earlier this week.

"Sally out. She is bullying now. And yes, Hardeep is a pain in the ass. But she is nasty," one wrote on Twitter.

Another posted: "So much bullying towards Hardeep 😭 how nasty!! #cbb"

However others felt for the housemates for putting up with Hardeep's 'argumentative' personality.

"He feels sorry for himself all the time! He could start in an argument in an empty room that guy!" one CBB fan quipped online.


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

Elsewhere in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother highlights, its nominations time again but with a twist. This week, it's killer nominations. housemates give only one nomination but whoever they name will automatically face the public vote.

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