Celebrity Big Brother's Rodrigo Alves apologises for N-word controversy

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Rodrigo Alves has apologised for his N-word controversy on Celebrity Big Brother 2018.

Rodrigo was put on a 'final warning' just 24 hours into the series after his use of the 'N word'.


It prompted a number of complaints to TV Watchdog Ofcom before Rodrigo left the house a week into the show after a 'further incident'.

Now Rodrigo has spoken out about his use of the N-word, telling the Daily Mail newspaper: "In Brazil, I was bought up in a multicultural, multiracial society. I am very proud of my Latino and black heritage.

"English is not my first language. Through my Brazilian upbringing, my black family members and street/hip hop music in Brazil I was not naturally conditioned against the word."

He continued: "I was naive not to realise how offensive what I said is in English speaking countries, and what that word represents in terms of the horrific and sustained human rights abuses against black people over many generations.

"For this, I offer my sincerest and heartfelt apologies for any offence I may have caused. Racism is a state of mind often manifesting itself in abusive language. In my case, my use of a particular word has been used to portray me as having a mindset that I don't have and never have had."

He added: "I can only assure people that I understand the offence I caused; that it was not intentional; and apologise. It won’t happen again."


It was claimed last week that Rodrigo had been 'banned' from this year's series finale following his behaviour in the house.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Rodrigo won't be invited to the Big Brother final and he certainly wouldn't be allowed in if he tried to turn up. He also won't be going to the big wrap party.

“Once you're out, you're out and the doors are shut. It's the same with BOTS, he will never appear on there.”

The exact circumstances of Rodrigo's exit were not aired to viewers.

However insiders have claimed that Rodrigo allegedly behaved "seriously inappropriately" in scenes cut from the show.

They told The Sun newspaper: "Rodrigo behaved seriously inappropriately inside the house. It came to the attention of producers who watched the footage back.

"After a discussion they decided the only course of action would be to remove him from the house. Producers wanted minimum disruption to the show after making their decision."

Housemates were not told of Rodrigo's reasons for exiting, with Big Brother simply announcing that he had left and would not be returning.


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The live final takes place this month on September 10.

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