Celebrity Big Brother housemates not happy with eviction results

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The Celebrity Big Brother housemates aren't too happy with the latest eviction results.

It was Jermaine Pennant who was evicted in last night's Celebrity Big Brother results in a surprise eviction against Hardeep Singh Kohli.


Housemates nominated for the latest time in Sunday's show and where Hardeep received a near full house with six out of a possible seven nominations while Jermaine had the four.

It was Hardeep's third time facing the chop having avoided the axe twice before thanks to the public votes.

And after he survived the axe again, the other housemates weren't all too impressed.

They complained that Hardeep didn't appear to be grateful to be saved again, saying Jermaine deserved to be kept in.

But Hardeep reacted by pointing out he wasn't going to be happy living in a house with people who wanted him out.

In Monday's highlights, Hardeep complained: "I f**king hate it. I hate it. That's nonsense, being nominated three times is an awful feeling. To be held in such low regard by those around you."


Hardeep was also seen clashing with the other housemates over his cooking, the latest shopping task and in a debate about race.

Some CBB fans accused the group of 'bullying', with one posting to Twitter: "So much bullying towards Hardeep 😭 how nasty!! #cbb"

A second added: "No we see you all bullying Hardeep maybe JUST MAYBE that's why he keeps getting saved Gabby #CBB"

And a third wrote: "Sally and Gabby coming across as bullying Hardeep. Yes, i agree he can be moody etc and rude, but the way they (well mostly sally) talks about him just comes across as being bitchy #cbb"

However others defended the housemates for putting up with Hardeep's 'argumentative' personality.


"He feels sorry for himself all the time! He could start in an argument in an empty room that guy!" one CBB fan quipped online.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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