Celebrity Big Brother housemates play for letters from home in a new twist

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Celebrity Big Brother housemates will play for letters from home in a new task.

A week before the final, the seven remaining housemates will compete for messages from their loved ones.


But in usual Big Brother tradition, not all of the housemates will receive their letters.

In tonight's show, the housemates are gathered before Sally Morgan is called to the task room.

Big Brother explains: "Inside this room are 12 numbered boxes. Inside these boxes are eight letters from home written by one of your loved ones.

"However, four of these boxes contain a red X. One by one you will have to pick boxes to earn letters for you and the housemates."

They add: "You can stop searching at any time but if you you find three red Xs, you will lose all the letters you have found up to that point."


In a teaser posted online, Sally begins to open the boxes but quickly finds two red Xs.

She then controversially - as her other housemates watch on - decides to hunt down more letters in the boxes.

Elsewhere tonight, another housemate is sent home.

It was Jermaine Pennant who was evicted in last night's Celebrity Big Brother results in a surprise eviction against Hardeep Singh Kohli.

During the live show, as the Housemates were enjoying a party, Emma informed them that there was going to be a surprise eviction - 24-hours earlier than they were expecting.

Jermaine said his goodbyes to his fellow housemates, then left the Big Brother House.

Jermaine told host Emma: “That was a bit of a shock...We all thought it [the eviction] was tomorrow."

On former housemate Chloe, Jermaine said: "Nothing actually physically happened...I never once said I am single...I thought she knew I was married."


Asked if his wife would be affected by what she's seen, Jermaine said: "Probably, but again it's one side of the story...if I have to explain myself then I'll do that."

Jermaine added: "In this house everything is's unbelievable."

After being shown the footage of the Ryan and Roxanne situation, Jermaine said: "Is that it? That's poor...I was expecting something big...Now I feel like a mug. That's really bad."

Alongside comedian and TV host Hardeep, those left in the house are Hollywood actress Kirstie Alley, Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas, The Only Way Is Essex star Dan Osborne and Gabby Allen, a Love Islander from Season 3 in 2017.


Completely the current line up are TV psychic Sally Morgan and finally rogue trader Nick Leeson.

Celebrity Big Brother airs Tuesday night at 9.15pm on Channel 5.

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