Celebrity Big Brother's Ryan Thomas offered support after Roxanne Pallet's exit

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Celebrity Big Brother says Ryan Thomas has been offered support following Roxanne Pallet's exit.

It was announced on Saturday morning that Roxanne had quit Celebrity Big Brother in the wake of her clash with Ryan.


Tension between the pair first began last week following a controversial 'altercation' between the pair in Thursday's show. Ryan was given a warning by Big Brother for 'unwanted physical contact' after Roxanne complained that he had been 'violent' towards her.

However the vast majority of viewers felt Roxanne overreacted to the incident. Last night's episode also saw the housemates turn on Roxanne and her behaviour in the house, while Ryan was left in tears by her accusations.

"I've done nothing, I don't understand how she can do this. I don't understand it," Ryan sobbed. "I've got to get this show back on the road now and I have to make amends, I don't feel like I'm the one making amends but I'll be the bigger person.

"I'm not going to lie, it's broken me a little, and if I've offended someone, or done something wrong, I am so sorry. But I will not walk away from this, I'm not a quitter, I'm genuinely not."

A spokesperson for Big Brother told The Sun newspaper following Saturday night's scenes: "Housemates' well-being is closely monitored and of paramount importance.

"Big Brother puts into place appropriate support arrangements as required."


Roxanne ended up leaving after Ben Jardine's eviction saw her booed by the crowd.

She told Big Brother: "I don't know what I've done. Ben's gone. I heard chants outside and the majority of this house don't want to sit near me. You think you've got friends and then they've gone. Ben was my only friend. No one likes me. What happens when you're yourself and no one likes you?"

The soap star concluded: "I want to go home. I'm done. I'd rather work in a corner shop for the rest of my life than put myself through this. I don't need the fame or the fortune this bad. I'm going home, I need out. I need to go."

Ryan reacted to the crowd chants: "She nearly ruined me, if I'm honest if I'm really really honest, it was tough what you put us through tonight it was really tough.

"But, the one thing I was so happy about was because they were saying 'get Roxy out' and I knew it was going to be okay. I needed to hear that because I was so scared I let everyone down.


"I'm telling you after this, I'm going to throw all of my emotion, and hopefully there's no more curve-balls. It's done, put it to bed, move on. Thank you for everything, I can't thank you enough."

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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