Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Why Roxanne Pallett quit revealed as she leaves the house

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Roxanne Pallett’s exit from Celebrity Big Brother 2018 has been revealed.

It was announced on Saturday morning that Roxanne had quit Celebrity Big Brother in the wake of her clash with Ryan Thomas.

A spokesperson for CBB confirmed: “Roxanne has decided to leave the BB House. The remaining housemates have been informed.”

Things kicked off earlier in the week after a controversial ‘altercation’ between the pair in Thursday’s show. Ryan was given a warning by Big Brother for ‘unwanted physical contact’ after Roxanne complained that he had been ‘violent’ towards her.

However the vast majority of viewers felt Roxanne overreacted to Ryan’s play fighting, with many even calling for her to be removed from the house.

In Saturday’s show, the other housemates got involved in Ryan and Roxy’s feud as Ryan hit back at the claims Roxy had made against him.

“I would never, ever, ever do anything like that,” he told the group.

But Roxy insisted: “He’s lying, he’s lying. He done it. ”

She told the other housemates of the incident: “At that moment, I have never felt an impact and a repetition of fists going into my ribs, in my life.”

However some of the group doubted Roxy’s version of events.

Sally said: “I think if there has been violence in here, the person would’ve been removed immediately.”

Gabby added: “There’s two sides to the story and we’ve only heard one side of it.”

And Nick confronted Roxanne: “In my opinion you need to do the right thing… tell the truth.”

She insisted: “I’ve told the truth. I’ve never told anything but the truth.”

Later on, the live eviction saw Ben Jardine exit and Roxanne booed by the crowd.

Sally declared: “You’re going to get that because of what they’ve seen.”

The chants resulted in Roxanne retreating first to the storeroom alone and then to the Diary Room.

She told Big Brother: “I don’t know what I’ve done. Ben’s gone. I heard chants outside and the majority of this house don’t want to sit near me.

“You think you’ve got friends and then they’ve gone. Ben was my only friend. No one likes me. What happens when you’re yourself and no one likes you?”

Big Brother recommended that Roxanne sleep on the night’s events but Roxanne sobbed: “How am I going to get through the rest of this s**t now Ben’s gone?

“I want to go home. I’m done. I’d rather work in a corner shop for the rest of my life than put myself through this. I don’t need the fame or the fortune this bad.

“I’m going home, I need out. I need to go.”

An hour later, Big Brother announced to the rest of the group that Roxanne had left the house.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs nightly on Channel 5. This evening’s episode airs at 10PM on Channel 5. The live final has been confirmed for later this month on September 14.

Following his clashes with Roxy, Ryan has become the new favourite to win the series.

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