Celebrity Big Brother 2018: What happened between Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas

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Here’s just what happened between Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas on Celebrity Big Brother 2018.

There was a controversial incident between Roxanne and Ryan in Thursday’s highlights show. Ryan was given a formal warning by Big Brother after Roxanne complained that he had been ‘violent’ towards her.

She said in the Diary Room: “I’m just a little bit in shock. I went from being upset to angry now.”

Roxanne claimed: “He actually punched me like a boxer would punch a bag. It wasn’t banter, it wasn’t a joke.”

“I can’t believe you’re letting someone stay who’s done that. It’s not okay.”

In a chat with Big Brother, Ryan was told: “Before you entered the Big Brother house, rules regarding unacceptable behaviour were explained to you.

“Big Brother has called you to the Diary Room because you have broken this rule.”

After recalling the incident to Ryan – which you can watch above – Big Brother added: “Whether you intended to hurt Roxanne or not is irrelevant.”

Ryan replied: “There was no malice or hurt or anger in anything I did but I am sorry, I do understand.”

Big Brother gave Ryan a formal warning and added: “Any repetition of this behaviour, Big Brother may have no choice but to remove you from the house.”

However those watching on felt Roxanne was the one in the wrong, and accused her of overreacting.

In a Diary Room entry to Big Brother, Roxanne had asked producers to kick Ryan out but viewers were on his side.

Former Big Brother housemate Luke Marsden wrote on Twitter: “Roxanne is a complete and utter drama queen. It’s a disgrace what she’s doing now #CBB”

Big Blagger tweeted: “Roxanne. Come back when you’ve stopped seeking attention #CBB”

Ryan’s brother Scott Thomas also spoke up, tweeting: “I have now seen it all ! Women like that are so dangerous! Trying to damage my brothers reputation over what was blatantly some harmless play fighting. Be a drama queen all you want but don’t try and ruin someone in the process! Nasty that !”

And his girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh began a campaign to have Roxanne removed from the house.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

The next eviction takes place live on Friday night.

The final has been confirmed for September 10.

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