Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Jermaine Pennant accuses Chloe Ayling of playing a game

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Jermaine Pennant accuses Chloe Ayling of playing a game on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 tonight.

Yesterday evening’s live show saw the second eviction of the series, as we said goodbye to another celebrity.

It was Chloe who was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 2018 in Tuesday’s results.

She had faced the chop against Hardeep Singh Kohli after the pair received the most nominations from their fellow housemates.

After leaving in the live show, Chloe spoke to Emma Willis about her time in the house – and her relationship with Jermaine Pennant.

On Monday, the pair had come to blows after Chloe discovered Jermaine had a girlfriend despite flirting with her.

During her chat with Emma, Chloe was told the truth about Jermaine’s relationship on the outside world as she found out he was in fact married.

“No way… I don’t even know what to say to that,” Chloe reacted. “I don’t even have any words at the moment. I think that’s disgusting, to be married and then to try and crack on with someone on TV.

“I only found out yesterday he had a girlfriend, but he never ever mentioned marriage.”

But in tonight’s highlights, Jermaine accuses Chloe of playing a game.

“All this is ’cause she’s up for eviction,” he says of her questioning his relationship status. “She suddenly starts chirping up. It’s no coincidence. don’t play these games with me ’cause you’ll loose.”

He tells some of the other housemates: “She knows exactly what she’s doing.

“She don’t do nothing, she don’t cook, she don’t clean, she annoys everyone with her mess what does she do? She don’t crack jokes. We all crack jokes about her.”

Meanwhile, in another chat, Jermaine is reluctant to say if he would see Chloe on the outside.

“It depends on the circumstances I guess… I dunno,” he admits.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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