Celebrity Big Brother's Chloe Ayling confronts Jermaine Pennant over his relationship status

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Jermaine Pennant is confronted by Chloe Ayling on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother.

It follows Chloe getting wind that he has been misleading her about the status of his relationship on the outside world.


Earlier this week, Jermaine confessed his feelings for Chloe - despite a partner on the outside world.

As part of a task, Jermaine said: "I like Chloe, she's a lovely girl and that's not good when you've got a partner out there and that's very bad.

"I'd probably say she's the most attractive girl of the house. I like Chloe in the house."

Chloe and Jermaine's flirtation was previously exposed to the group when they were punished for sending notes to one another.

And in tonight's show, Chloe wants a word with Jermaine about what he had told her in the messages.

"I'm just confused by the situation," she says. "I think we need to talk about it."


"Don't worry about it," insists Jermaine. "It's fine."

Chloe, who faces eviction, persists: "Can we just talk? I need to clear it up before tomorrow.

"What you told me on the note, is different to what you're telling other people. You're saying to them you have a girlfriend and you're telling me it's f**ked."

"When we get out we'll talk properly," Jermaine tells her.

"But you don't know what the outside's like now," Chloe says.

"No point making it even worse," concludes Jermaine.

Elsewhere in tonight's highlights, Ryan and the rest of the house find out what Jermaine’s notes to Chloe said while Kirstie gets to grips with the British lingo in a new task.

Meanwhile, this evening's live show will see either Hardeep or Chole leave the house after nominations were revealed last night.


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 9:15PM with host Emma Willis.

On Bit On The Side are Dr Ranj, Chizzy Akudolu, Paul Danan.

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