Celebrity Big Brother housemates told to be entertaining in new task

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The Celebrity Big Brother housemates must entertain the viewers for their latest shopping task.

This week’s shopping task will see the housemates take part in a ‘Public Eye’ challenge.

Big Brother explained: “Our celebrities will be visited by The Public Eye, a mysterious figure who will set them a series of challenges designed to provoke a certain response from the viewing public. For example, they might be tasked with making you feel entertained, or shocked, or amused.”

Viewers will be able to react to the tasks on social media.

“If at least 50% of viewers register the desired reaction, the housemate will pass that part of the task,” Big Brother said. “If not, they’ll fail.

“As a group, the housemates will need to pass a pre-determined number of tasks in order to pass the overall task. So it really is up to you – pass or fail, you decide.”

The task got underway today, as a giant walking eye entered the house.

It set a range of challenges, starting with Ryan who was tasked with entertaining viewers just out of bed.

Later, Roxanne was tasked with annoying the viewers.

“Oh that should be easy then,” she quipped. Roxanne was told ‘the more annoying you are, the better the outcome.

In the afternoon Gabby, Nick and Chloe were invited to sit down for a disgusting dinner party.

Gabby read out instructions: “The Public Eye will be serving you disgusting food you must eat this disgusting food while making disgusting conversation. The more disgusting the better.”

However there is a twist in the tale.

As whether or not the housemates pass or fail the shopping task, they’ll still be given basic budget as punishment for rule breaking.

It follows Jermaine Pennant and Chloe Ayling secretly writing notes to one another – something Big Brother’s rules forbid.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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