Celebrity Big Brother spoiler: 'Wendy the Washing Machine' sets Rodrigo a secret task

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'Wendy the Washing Machine' has made herself known on Celebrity Big Brother.

In a throwback to the 'Tree Of Temptation' of 2010, Wendy the Washing Machine sets secret tasks to the housemates.


Located in the storeroom, Rodrigo was the first to meet Wendy in the house yesterday (Thursday).

When he was alone, Wendy woke up and began to talk to Rodrigo.

"Is this the first time you've had a conversation with a washing machine?" asked Wendy.

Wendy went on to set Rodrigo a challenge: "I want you to have a chit chat in the bedroom with the housemate you know the least and find out some dirt with them."

Rodrigo did exactly as he told, and got some MAJOR gossip.

In a chat in the bedroom, Chloe confessed to Rodrigo she had received secret notes from Jermaine Pennant written in eye liner.


"He had written 'I like you'," she explained.

When Chloe wrote back: “Since when?” he replied: “Since day one.”

"So basically, you and Jermaine have been communicating via make up," Rodrigo reacted.

"You're the only one I've told." Chloe stated.

Elsewhere in Thursday night's show, Kirstie spoke about Patrick Swayze and John Travolta, revealing how she 'almost ran off and married John'.

Ben wrapped his legs around Dan after attempting the infamous Dirty Dancing lift, while Rodrigo revealed his weight loss was due to drinking cockroach milk. He took part in a new task with Sally Morgan to uncover the truth about rumours surrounding the housemates.

Meanwhile, Natalie continued on the warpath following rows with Gabby Allen. This time her target was Chloe Ayling, leaving the model in tears after a huge row.

Natalie and Chloe then had another argument, as Natalie branded the model 'not famous enough' for the house.


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly at 9PM on Channel 5.

The show is back live at 9PM on Friday with host Emma Willis with the latest highlights and a live eviction.

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