Celebrity Big Brother's Natalie Nunn slams 'non celebrity' Chloe Ayling

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Natalie Nunn has hit out at Chloe Ayling, saying she's not famous enough for Celebrity Big Brother.

The pair had locked horns in a major row in the house on Wednesday.


Keen to clear the pair between them, Sally Morgan sat the women down for a chat.

However things quickly escalated between the duo once more.

US reality star Natalie fumed at Chloe: "This is the Celebrity Big Brother house. A celebrity is someone who is well known, someone who has worked really hard to be where they are in their career.

"And I feel your purpose to be here is... you've not really done anything."

Chloe however held her ground: "I think you're trying to cause unnecessary arguments just to get air time. It's petty things that don't need to be argued about. For example, the chair or calling me boring or quiet."

Natalie replied: "If you just want to be quiet and fly by then that's fine but that's not a celebrity."


Chloe then quipped: "At least I'm not being voted out by my fellow housemates because they don't want to live with me."

Natalie declared confidently: "I'm not going anywhere, you're going to have to stay living with me."

Earlier, Chloe had been left in tears after Natalie lashed at her for using 'her chair' in the vanity area.

But Natalie showed little remorse, telling Chloe: "I'm not trying to be rude. You're not going to start this cry baby s**t. You know what you're doing. You're not going to make it look like I'm bullying you. You're 21-years-old."

Not done there, Natalie continued to rant in the Diary Room. She said: "For everyone to say 'Chloe's just a baby', 'She's a lost little soul'. She's not, I'm not buying that s**t. She's not a baby.


"Stop saying she's a baby. It's making me look like I'm a big bad wolf coming after a baby. No."

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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