Celebrity Big Brother's Roxanne Pallett in tears after Sally Morgan's baby prediction

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Roxanne Pallett was left in tears on Celebrity Big Brother after a reading from Sally Morgan.

The scenes cut from the main show aired in last night's Bit On the Side.


Sally told newly engaged Roanne: "You mustn't think that you can't have kids, 'cause you can."

The soap star immediately sobbed: "How did you know?"

Sally told her: "Because I know you're worried for Lee [Roxanne's fiancé], it's going to be okay, you'll be alright."

After Roxanne spoke about planning a trip to America with her partner, Sally added: "You might even conceive there."

Emmerdale actress Roxanne broke down after the prediction, hugging Jermaine Pennant in the smoking area.

Roxanne's emotional moment followed Chloe Ayling also being left in tears after speaking with Sally.


Model Chloe hit the headlines last year when she was kidnapped in Italy.

On entering the house, she said: “I feel the past year has been really tough with people not believing me, so this is a chance to turn it around and start a new life.

“I feel if I can survive what happened to me then I can definitely survive the Celebrity Big Brother House.”

Chloe previously opened up about her ordeal in the house.

"This man who has been sentenced, he was always telling me that he was on my side and that he can't release me because of this organisation," she said. I just had to think, 'What can I do to survive?' and that's what I had to do - to just make him like me so he would release me and that was my only focus."

In Monday night's show, Sally spoke with Chloe about her past, saying she felt the youngster had once wanted to change her name.

The suggestion left Chloe in tears, as she recalled: "[After being kidnapped] I was scared it was a bigger thing. I wanted to change my name, my appearance, all things.


"I was scared of all the things they said to me."

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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